ZOLL E Series PROMO – Fully Loaded, No Bluetooth (Recertified)


The Fully Loaded Zoll E Series Biphasic Defibrillator (Recertified) has been recertified through our Zoll Medical factory-trained biomedical technicians and taken through a very thorough 22-point inspection to make sure all settings and functions are up to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The Zoll E Series Parameters include: 12-lead ECG, AED/Advisory function, Sync Cardioversion, Pacing, Masimo SpO2, NiBP, EtCO2 with CapnoStat cable, New Batteries (2), New Carrying case, printer, fax/modem capabilities, includes all cables, sensors, 1 set of Zoll Stat padz, and 1 year warranty from DXE Medical.