The Powerheart AED G3

The next generation Powerheart AED has arrived. The Powerheart AED G3 is our flagship, feature-rich AED offering. The innovative Powerheart AED G3 presents our new customer-friendly features such as more instructive voice prompts, improved voice quality, new lighter weight, redesigned form factor, and the industry’s first four-year, full replacement battery.

Cardiac Science has the cutting-edge AED advantage. Industry leading technology and added performance features leads the way for the next generation of Cardiac Science AEDs.



* Simple, easy-to-use, one-button operation.
* More instructive voice prompts guide user through rescue.
* Outstanding voice prompt quality and clarity.
* Lighter weight in a new user-friendly form factor.

RescueReady® Reliability

* The Powerheart AED G3 continues to feature our industry leading one-button operation and RescueReady technology featuring our patented daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests, virtually assuring first time, every time rescue performance.
* The Powerheart AED G3 is the only AED on the market that automatically tests all three critical components daily including the pre-connected electrodes (presence and function), IntelliSense® lithium battery, and system.
* The G3 now includes a partial energy test with the weekly self-test, and a full energy charge cycle with the monthly self-test.

Innovative Technology

* The new Powerheart AED G3 also incorporates the Company’s patented RHYTHMx® analysis software and STAR® biphasic defibrillation energy waveform.

Critical to saving victims of sudden cardiac arrest is early access to defibrillation. The easy-to-use features of the Powerheart AED G3 allow virtually anyone to defibrillate cardiac arrest victims quickly and effectively, dramatically improving the chances of survival from a cardiac arrest.

* Opening the lid of the Powerheart AED G3 turns the AED on and readies it for use.
* More instructive voice and text prompts guide the user through every step of the rescue process.
* Simple, one-button operation eliminates rescuer confusion and uncertainty.
* Patented RescueReady® technology performs daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests on the battery, electrodes (presence and function), internal electronics, and software.
* Daily automated self-test includes: battery, electrodes (presence and function), internal electronics, SHOCK/CONTINUE button, and software.
* Weekly automated self-test includes: battery, electrodes (presence and function), internal electronics, partial energy charge, SHOCK/CONTINUE button, and software.
* Monthly automated self-test includes: battery, electrodes (presence and function), internal electronics, full energy charge cycle, SHOCK/CONTINUE button, and software.
* Powered by an Intellisense® lithium battery.
* Industry’s first four year full replacement battery warranty.
* SmartGauge® indicator and daily battery capacity test monitors battery status and alerts the user when the battery needs to be replaced.
* STAR® Biphasic Waveform technology delivers customized, escalating variable energy based on the patient’s needs, to assure rapid defibrillation success.
* Escalating Variable Energy (VE) 105J-360J.
* Pediatric capability.
* Five programmable energy protocols.
* Pacemaker pulse detection.
* Advises for shocks only when appropriate, and continues to monitor the patient even after AED makes shock decision and charges (the non-committed feature will not allow shock delivery if the rhythm changes to non-shockable).
* Detects and advises defibrillation therapy for VF, VT and SVT as recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA).
* Programmable variable energy protocol options. Optional: only AED to offer programmable detection rates for VF, VT and SVT (pre-programmable by a Medical Director using MDLink software).