Samaritan AED


Basic trained rescuers will find the samaritan® AED easy to operate. Advanced Rescuers (such as medical and rescue professionals) will appreciate the large ECG display, rechargeable battery, manual override, and the ECG monitoring availability on select models.

Key Features:

* Lightweight – Only 4.2 lbs
* Long-lasting Battery: 12 -16 hrs monitoring or
120 shocks (at full energy).
* Built-in memory – inside the battery: assures data is captured every time.
* LARGE display: allows the rescuer to see patient ECG, heart rate, number of shocks delivered, text prompts (coinciding with voice prompts) elapsed timer and battery fuel gage.
* Easy-to-use: clear, concise, comprehensive, high-fidelity voice prompts guide the user.
* Optional override capability: allows advanced rescuers the ability to select 100j – 150j – 200j – 230j of defibrillation therapy.

One of the most important features of the samaritan® AED is SCOPE™ Biphasic Waveform
This innovative and unique “Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope” automatically adjusts the biphasic waveform for each patient’s specific impedances. This automatic adjustment allows the samaritan® AED to deliver a low-energy, escalating (100J – 150J – 200J) biphasic waveform. An override capability allows advance rescuers to shock up to 230J, helping to ensure high defibrillation efficacy.

The Samaritan®’s Data-Pak™ is a battery and data storage in one product
Event information is recorded reliably in the Data-Pak™ battery. Stored information can be easily downloaded to any standard PC using the Saver® data management software. No datacards to lose or break, no card reader to purchase, or web access needed. The samaritan® can immediately return to service and save another life.

The Samaritan® AED’s large, easy-to-read text instructions and extensive audio prompts guide the rescuer step-by-step through the resuscitation process. ECG display and manual override features provide additional control and information for trained medical rescuers.

Lightweight and Rugged
The robust Samaritan® AED weighs only 4.2lbs (1.9kg) and is suitable for a range of environments: ambulances, hospitals, sports facilities, and public or corporate buildings.*

Innovative SCOPE ® Biphasic
The Samaritan® AED uses Self Compensating Output Pulse Envelope (SCOPE®). This provides optimum low energy, escalating (100J-150J-200J) delivery allowing for high defibrillation efficacy. The SCOPE® Biphasic waveform automatically compensates the energy, slope, and pulse envelope for a wide range of patients resistances.

Basic and Advanced Features
The large message display and clear voice instructions easily guide rescuers. An optional manual override and ECG display provide additional control and information for trained medical professionals.

Data – Pak TM Battery
The Data-PakTM battery will operate the Samaritan® AED for over 12 hours of continuous ECG monitoring or 120 shocks at 200J’s. Built into each patented Data-PakTM battery is a continuous event data storage system. Information is recorded reliably into the Data-PakTM battery, eliminating the possibility of lost or damaged datacards and patient information. With the Samaritan® AED and Data- PakTM battery, there is no need to purchase and maintain multiple datacards or additional computer hardware to retrieve event data.