Physio-Control LifePak 20e Defibrillator


New LifePak 20e BASE package starting at: $8,895.00

Every unit shipped will include:

  • LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor with BLS/ACLS front door (1 per unit)
  • cprMAX™ technology version 1.5 (consistent with 2005 AHA/ERC Guidelines)
  • Active color matrix LCD screen
  • Manual and AED functionality
  • Built-in AC power
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery
  • ADAPTIV™ Biphasic, escalating energy up to 360J
  • Synchronized cardioversion
  • 3- and 5-wire ECG monitoring capability with lead select (3-lead ECG cable included with ship kit)
  • CODE SUMMARY™ critical event record with data port
  • Printer


Call for Pricing on Additional Options:

 Pacing, NellCor Sp02, Masimo Sp02


Each unit also comes with a ship kit that includes:

  • A/C power cord (1 per unit)
  • 3-lead ECG cable (1 per unit)
  • QUIK-COMBO® pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes with REDI-PAK™ preconnect system (1 pair/unit) [does not include hard paddles]
  • QUIK-COMBO therapy cable (1 per unit)
  • QUIK-COMBO test plug (1 per unit)
  • LIFE-PATCH® ECG adult electrodes (3 electrodes per pack) (1 pack/unit)
  • ECG printer paper, 50 mm x 30 m (3 rolls per box) (1 box/unit)
  • LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor operating instructions (1 per unit)
  • LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor service manual (on CD-ROM) (1 per unit)
  • Warranty card (1 per unit)
  • Customer letter (1 per unit)



Easy enough for first responders—yet sophisticated enough for the cardiac team—you can trust the 20e, wherever you are in the hospital. Each role within the hospital needs a device that works for them, whether it’s the nursing staff, code team, rapid response team, biomeds or intensive care department. The 20e is a single device ideal for any area of your facility because it’s like having two defibrillators in one. It features a dual mode design— with an intuitive door system—for both AED and manual use. It’s a simple effective AED for first responders, yet it easily transforms into a manual defibrillator for advanced care professionals.


LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor: Two defibrillators in one.

1.) Early defibrillation with AED Mode

An ideal crash cart device, the 20e puts early, effective defibrillation intothe hands of first responders. The unit features a highly intuitive design with a “closed door” system. When the door is closed, the unit is in AEDmode, which ensures that basic responders are presented only with the controls they need for fast, easy operation. In addition, the provenShock Advisory System™ features loud voice prompts and clear, simplegraphics to guide responders through the 3-step operation. Throughoutthe process, CODE-SUMMARY™ critical event record captures criticalmoments from the instant the unit is switched on, including cardiorespiratory events, a vital signs log and the associated waveforms. 


2.) Powerful flexibility with Manual Mode

When the code team or ALS provider arrives, the 20e easily converts to manual mode through a simple push of the latch door. Advanced care professionals will get more advanced monitoring parameters, such as noninvasive pacing, ECG monitoring (3- or 5-wire), and synchronized cardioversion. Masimo SET® pulse oximetry offers accurate and stable oxygen saturation monitoring, for quick and effective clinical decisions under conditions of both active movement and low perfusion.* Finally, your hospital teams will have plenty of power; the Lithium-ion battery technology provides extended operating time for transporting patients from one area of the hospital to another.