In March, the Lake Oswego Fire Department placed into service seven LifePak-15 defibrillators on all of its fire apparatus. The new defibrillators replaced the seven LifePak 12 defibrillators that had been in-service for more than nine years.

The new defibrillators are equipped with electronic modems that can transmit patient EKG readings directly to emergency room doctors at Meridian Park Hospital; while firefighters are still on scene treating the patient. This pre-alert information allows the hospital to prepare for the patient’s arrival thereby increasing the patient’s chance of surviving the cardiac event.

The new LifePak-15 defibrillators were purchased using the American Medical Response (AMR) Ambulance purchasing agreement that they have with Physio-Control, Inc., the manufacturer of the defibrillators. In addition to saving the City approximately $120,000 by ordering the defibrillators utilizing AMR ’s purchasing agreement, Lake Oswego Fire Department continues to use the same make and model defibrillator as is carried on AMR’s ambulances. The standardization of defibrillators and associated equipment simplifies and streamlines the transition of the patient care from the fire department to the private ambulance provider.

Lake Oswego Fire Department will attempt to surplus the old LifePak-12 defibrillators to help off-set the cost of the upgrading to the LifePak-15 model.