Hospital based defibrillator combine a DC defibrillator/cardioscope, annotated recorder and hands off defibrillation capabilities into one

HP Codemaster

XL PLUS includes noninvasive pacemaker

Operates on AC power line or internal battery supply

Unit comes complete with ECG cable, pacer cable (if applicable), operator manual and 6 month parts and labor warranty.

Hewlett Packard CodeMaster 100 Portable Defibrillator/Monitor Uncluttered front panel.

Contributes to easy operation and fast response

Large, bright screen. A full 5″ diagonal

Fast Charging. From 0 to 360 joules in less than 5 seconds

Thermal array recorder

Automatically prints critical patient data

Long-lasting, quick-change battery. Provides 2.5 hours monitoring time on one charge. 4-hour battery optional.

Event Summary. Simplifies the process of documenting patient care.

Automatically captures up to 28 events in memory for printing later

Built-in pediatric paddles. Immediately available under slide-off adult electrodes.